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August 5, 2011
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PMD 3: Ch.8: First Outlaw Mission for Four (part 1)

Loudred: *Walks into the group's room* WA_

Flare: *Gun clicks, aimed towards Loudred*

Loudred: ._." *walks out quietly*

Flare: *Shoots in the air once*

Loudred: *Runs* (Why me!?)

Bidoof: o-o" Darn, must have pissed off Flare again.

Sunflora: ^^" Happens every morning, but switches those things he calls "Weapons"....

Static: *Gets up* Thank Arceus, for Flare sometimes. We managed to avoid another loud announcement....

Flare, Sandra, and Eclipse: *Still sleeping*

Static: *Tries waking up Sandra* Get up Sandra....

Sandra: *Hits Static by mistake* Get away from meh! I don't like rainbow ponies!

Static: ._."........ *Tries waking up Eclipse* Bro, wake up....

Eclipse: *Gets up, yawns and stretches*


Eclipse: e-e....Internet?

Static: ._." What are rainbow ponies?

Eclipse: e.e" The what?

Static: o-o" What do we do? For a Sun Pokemon, she doesn't fit the name...

Eclipse: *Walks out*

Static: *Follows*


Flare: e_- (God, she's loud.....)

Meanwhile, in front of Chatot's post...

Chatot: Your late again!!!

Static: o-o"

Eclipse: e-e Alright...should I get Flare? He's pretty cranky with a gun...

Chatot: O_O" NO! NO! SQUAWK! Don't wake him! (He's worse than the guildmaster....*sighs*)

Eclipse: e-e So what's the mission today?

Chatot: You will be handed an S-rank Outlaws mission....

Static: Outlaws?

Chatot: Yes. Meaning more than one outlaw.

Eclipse: How many are there?

Chatot: 3. This takes place at Mt. Horn 13F and a cash reward that will at least get you 10,000 Poke. The client is a gold rank rescue team that was defeated.

Static: *Angel face* .w. 10,000 Poke!?

Eclipse: e-e We're only Bronze rank and you're handing an S-rank mission to us? You probably still think of us as amateurs.....

Chatot: But you do forget that you have Flare? His abilities and offensive attacks would be classified as a Super-Hyper rank member. His attitude and pride would also will not accept a loss to some outlaws if I know him the best. This would be perfect for him.

Static: Do you adore Flare now as a role model now? ewe

Chatot: >D< No! Never! I hate him!

Static: ewe (He's jealous of Flare's offense over his)

Chatot: You do know that you will be promoted to Silver Rank after this mission?

*A frame is thrown across the room, Flare stomps into the room*

Flare: What is with you people!? I try to sleep, but you guys have to be bit**es and make noise! D:<

Static: o-o" Flare, how would you like to handle an S-rank outlaws mission?

Flare: *Very happy face* Really?

Eclipse: -_-" He's okay with it. But I'm worried about our 4th member.

Flare: Esp?

Static: e3e You guys, we call her Sandra now.

Eclipse: Sandra?

Static: Just call her that....

Eclipse: Fine?

Flare: ewe She's born from sand?

Static: *Facepaws* That's her real human name, genius....

Flare: .3. Humans really have weird names....Is one named after a tree?

Chatot: Anyway, will you accept the mission or not?

Flare: You will accept it! D:<

Eclipse: I'm fine with it, but about her?

Static: o-o" He does have a point.... I'm only level 28, Eclipse is level 34, Flare is nothing compared to us, at level 57, but she's only about level 17.

Flare: e-e Should I guard the girl?

Static: -_-" But you're our strongest offense....Eclipse and I might as well be knocked out b4 you.

Flare: e-e You guys really should have started training earlier. While you guys were lv.5, I was about level 27 at a young age when we were still Eevees....

Static: I'm bad at defense...Eclipse how about you? You have the best defense on our team that even outmatches Flare so that would be perfect!

Eclipse: e-e.......I guess I have no choice. Although, don't expect any back up....

Static: I'm pretty sure Flare and I can handle the thugs. :3

Sandra: *Wakes up and walks in* What?


Chatot: e-o Chatot, but alright.

Flare: ewe You better celebrate our promotion when we get back!

Chatot: *sweats*

Flare: *Goes back into his room, packing stuff in his own bag* Handgun, grenade, cocunut and beernut bombs, iron spikes, steel fists, fireworks....

Static: ^^" Well, he's excited and motivated....

Eclipse: e-e (He better not make the battle too gory.....)

Sandra: o-o" What happened?

Eclipse: Pack up supplies. We're heading out for one dangerous mission.

Sandra: =_= I should have said I was sick and continue dreaming that I was in Candyland....

Static: ._. Youtube, rainbow ponies, Candyland, Computers, Internet, school, what is all of that she's saying?

Sandra: o-o" (You don't know?)
Previous- [link]

Sandra says some common things we know of in this part, but poor Static is not familiar with them. ^^"
ewe For Flare, it's a welcoming party.

Picture belongs to Nintendo, Pokemon, and original creators
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